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In Conversation With: Paul Fahy, Artistic Director, Galway International Arts Festival

Thousands of festival goers descend on Galway City for two weeks each year in July, for the Galway International Arts Festival (GIAF). The value that GIAF brings to the…

21 Jul 2022

Global Sea Levels are Rising – Here’s what we can do

Despite predictions that large parts of Ireland’s coast will be submerged underwater by 2050, Ireland is still decades away from realising the potential of nature-based solutions. Here, geographer Dr…

21 Jun 2022

From the Ground Up – Irish peatlands communities reducing CO2 emissions

As the world strives to reduce carbon emissions, peatlands have been dubbed the new “black gold,” storing over three times the carbon of all the forests in the world.…

26 May 2022

Mighty Microbes – Making Irish Agriculture More Sustainable

As the world’s population grows, we face the challenge of producing more food while also reducing our impact on the environment. How do we increase production, reduce greenhouse gas…

20 Jul 2022

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